Durability and Strength Are Our Focus

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Now available at The Spa and Pool Center, Strong Spas is one of the largest spa manufacturers in the world with plant operations in the USA. The Strong Spa is proudly assembled from the ground up at our Pennsylvania manufacturing facility, then sold and shipped throughout North America and Europe. The environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient design provides customers with additional savings and decreased operating costs.

Strong spas offers excellent warranty on all of their spas. By purchasing your Strong Spa with The Spa and Pool Center, we can be your advocate when it comes to handling any warranty servicing.

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Strong Spas Patented Features

The Dura-Base
The patented, dual-walled construction and deeper insulation of the Dura-Base means greater heat retention, saving you energy dollars by preventing heat loss through cold patio or deck floors. It’s also 10x thicker than the average base. The Dura-Base is also impervious to pests like rodents and snakes that attempt to make their homes in the warm spa cabinet. It’s constructed without wood, eliminating rot, mold, mildew and warping, ensuring your spa’s structural integrity for a lifetime of carefree use.

The Dura-Shield
The Dura-Shield is the first true-patented, hardcover system that is molded hollow from durable resin and filled with a proprietary foam to protect the spa from harsh environments and provide energy-saving heat retention. This hardcover system features the first integrated ULTRASTRONG™ CoverLift system for safe and easy open-and-close performance. While other spa companies continue to sell soft covers that rot, mold and have to be replaced every two to three years, the Dural-Shield hardcover system is the only one on the market that is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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